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Do you need growth in sales and an efficient commercial strategy?

The key lies in data

  • The current environment in which companies operate is not easy. Strategic tools that provide differentiation are needed.

  • From prospecting to repurchasing, data provides real evidence.

  • Today, more than ever, demand planning, sales projections, and offering the right price - based on the buyer's perception - are critical success factors for companies.

The current challenge for companies is to understand the global situation and build new scenarios from there. Even before the pandemic, the concept of VUCA environments, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (by its English acronym), was already being discussed. For companies that have done well, their goal is to maintain and continue to grow, while those that have been structurally affected aim to recover and return to a sustainable and lasting pace. All of this must be supported by strengthened commercial areas, leveraging sales with products and services that create value, and making effective use of data that allows them to navigate through turbulent waters while ensuring safer ports.

In times of crisis, it is essential to carry out a grounded customer and audience prospecting. For this, segmentation based on new behaviors is crucial, and recommendation engines can act as compasses to navigate the path. Cross-selling and upselling models are the tools to maintain or regain market position.

Additionally, we could add demand analysis and planning, sales projections, and the certainty of pricing. Well-planned foresight would help the organization operate in an organized manner, knowing what type of service to offer, how to adjust requirements, determine delivery times, time slots, and even logistics at different locations.

Being present in people's daily lives is another significant challenge: knowing who to reach out to, where they are, when to call, or even designing a route for a specific delivery would enable assertive contact. With good monitoring of each individual's behavior, it is also possible to evaluate satisfaction, perceived value, the likelihood of churn, and the intention to repurchase.

At Minimalistech, we believe that the commercial strategy employed is what guarantees the present and future success of businesses: growth in profitability, revenue, and sales supported by real evidence and data that allow standing out in difficult and tumultuous environments.

In this context, data becomes a strategic ally for carrying out commercial tasks and making the business flow in the market. They become the most effective method for designing product and service offerings and strengthening commercial strategies, all based on the relevance of that proposal to the customer, in a hyper-competitive context where consumers have various options at their fingertips, considering price, value, quality, to name a few. The question then is, how can I stand out in that scenario?

At Minimalistech, we firmly believe that this essential task cannot be left to chance. We have confidence that the technological applications being developed are functional (we are proud to be agnostic in this regard). However, the commercial strategy used to achieve business profitability must be based on real evidence - on data - which is what guarantees the present and future success of the company.


By Minimalistech´s editorial team.

Minimalistech has more than 10 years of experience in providing a wide range of technology solutions based on the latest standards. We have built successful partnerships with several SF Bay Area, top performing companies, enhancing their potential and growth by providing the highest skilled IT engineers to work on their developments and projects

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